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Smart Farm

high quality food and High Level nutrition
The Smartfarm works on controlled environment agriculture and IoT. We have designed the farm for the production of plants on a commercial aspect.
A system that works on Automation,there will be constant focus on delivering the right kind of nutrients for the plants to grow without any hassles. By controlling external factors such as Humidity, temperature, Air flow, Carbon di-oxide content and light, Smartfarm assures you with both efficiency and consistency.

Why Smartfarm?

90% Water preservation
By using hydroponics, we save up to 90% of water.
No pesticides
As we employ a controlled environment for the plants, there is no need for pesticides.
2X times faster growth
Highly enriched nutrient solutions are provided to encourage the faster growth of plants.
Fully Automated
Ph management,Nutrient dosage and climate control are some of the highlights of this fully automated system.
Real Time monitoring and Remote control
The plants will be monitored thoroughly using sensors and certain estimated readings can be determined by means of a digital assistant.

Our Projects

IIIT Chennai